Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Well, we’ve pretty much had a monsoon the last day or so. And lots of gray & drizzly before that. I don’t mind, really, because we’ve had plenty to do inside this week, and the store has been BUSY since we opened! But, Hay Creek was cancelled for today, so we’re leaving today instead of yesterday. (Which gave us more time to get more things in frames!)

We’ve had a grand time with our new fall designs… and just updated the Current Designs Page with a few things! Keep an eye there, as we add designs, and also on the Gallery. We’ll be moving a lot of designs over there, just so you can see them. It’s going to be pretty much impossible to keep a currently available list on the website for the next couple of months, but if you see something, we just might have it in stock… or we’ll be glad to make it for you if not!

Hope you all have a honey-drenched (instead of rain-soaked!) weekend!


In Celebration of September…

In honor of today being the first of September, it was wondrously cool here in Delaware. In the 70’s all day, beautiful blue skies, and a soft breeze. I am ready for fall to get here for good. Really ready. Beyond ready. Can you tell I love fall?

The morns are meeker than they were,
The nuts are getting brown;
The berry’s cheek is plumper,
The rose is out of town.

The maple wears a gayer scarf,
The field a scarlet gown.
Lest I should be old-fashioned,
I’ll put a trinket on.

~Emily Dickinson~

It’s still a few more weeks until it’s officially my favorite time of year, but one has got to be in the proper frame of mind to carve pumpkins out of paper! A cool day was just what I needed…


I’ve not been very wordy lately… maybe thinking in pictures instead of words as we’re hitting the “get-ready-for-the-shows” crunch? Lots of new things are starting to find their way into frames, though, and I’ll try to post some pictures as they get finished up! Our first show this year is the Hay Creek Festival… it’s a wonderful mix of history, folk crafts, iron working, steam & gas, music, and really really really good things to eat. (Hubby and I eat Chicken Bot Boi every day while we’re there. Sometimes twice a day. We’re usually first in line asking when it will be ready.) If you can make it, stop by our booth and say “hello!”… we’ll be up on the hill!

Wishing you all a great September!

Coming to life…

I got to sketch a little last night while hubby was reading aloud and Kate was sewing! Chris is reading aloud The Lamplighter, which is an incredible old book that Lamplighter Publishing has reprinted. We’re actually reading from an old copy that Kate has in her collection, although we’ve bought and given the new version of that particular book several times!Kate’s working on a Christmas order, and brings her sewing machine right down into the family room, and tries to sew slowly and quietly. (If she doesn’t, we call her “Annabelle”… after my Dad’s grannie. When he was a boy, they lived beside his Dad’s parents, and for some 1950’s reason, if Grannie ran her sewing machine next door, it interrupted the TV reception at their house! Often, they’d be watching some exciting show, and then they’d hear “BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRURP” and see lots of snow, and they’d call Grannie Annabelle and ask her to stop sewing until the show was over! I had that nickname as a teen, because I’d sew upstairs over the living room, with the same fervency as my great-grannie… I’m glad to pass it on to Kate!)Anyway, here’s what I accomplished on my Sunday Sketching… it’s starting to come to life! I’m still having some trouble with the background, though. It looks like a flamestitch pattern instead of trees! I’m also trying to learn to use the white of the paper for highlights, but am saving the whitest white for the sunlit shirt.candledippingtwo.jpgI’m also not sure if I can wait for Sunday, now that it’s starting to come together!:-D

Sunday Sketching…

Hi All!We’ve been very busy with papercutting orders, but the past few weeks I’ve been sketching on Sundays during my free time, just for fun. It seemed like a great idea… just to draw something that wasn’t particularly for sale, to beef up on sketching skills, and to try out those fancy colored pencils I got back in August!Here’s what I’ve got so far on my first real effort…candledipping.jpgJust the line drawing and some background underlayment of color, but I’m excited that so far it’s turning out okay! I took this picture at Hay Creek over a year ago, so I need to do a little research on who this dear man actually is… he was a good sport about posing for the photo and held very still, waiting for my camera to “wake up” and let me shoot. I used a modified grid technique for the line drawing, by drawing 1/2″ squares on my paper and using a clear grid on the printed out enlarged photo. First time I’ve EVER used a grid system in my own drawing… it feels like cheating, even though oodles of artists are using it. I felt better just doing the basic outline with the grid, and then just eyeing the shadows and details. Also, the background is completely changed… trees shuffled around, people removed, etc. Way too busy.Anyway, I hope to get a few moments later today to work on it some more, and I’ll let you know if it turns out. If you never see it again, you’ll know it, um, didn’t.Happy Lord’s Day!Kim :-)