Just had to do a quick picture post…

Way back when our grandboy Jack was one,
he did a great impression of a Cabbage Patch doll…

Now that his little brother Derik is three,
I finally figured out his “Look-Alike”…

Minus the Kewpie-style mohawk, of course.

Hugs to my sweet grandboys!

Love, Nana :-)

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails…

… That’s what little boys are made of.

Guess who visited us this past week? Our daughter Jordan, her hubby Luke, and our two grandboys, Jackson and Derik!

Here they are sharing nicely!


Now who could resist mooching these sweet cheeks? We almost wore them out!


Or playing cars with this little guy? (And grabbing a kiss on the go!)


As you can tell, we had a grand week! We had tea parties (yes, little guys do like tea, especially if Oreo’s are involved!)…


and fed the chickens…


and the goat…


and washed and packed eggs…


and swang on swings…


and got sleepy…


… and took naps (I volunteered for nap duty… I think I wear out as quickly as the boys!)


and woke up the next morning to crow with the roosters!


My girl went home to California yesterday afternoon with all three of her guys, and it was quiet here this morning.

A little too quiet.

Itty Bitty. And Not So Itty Bitty.

Mini’s are back!!!

We’ve sold mini papercuttings for many years, but we bought the miniature frames unfinished and grain-painted them. They were so tiny that Chris wasn’t sure he wanted to make them. (He’s become quite attached to his fingers, and two inches is just a little too close to tablesaw blades for his liking!) However, the inevitable happened, and our supplier stopped making them a couple of years ago. So we bought all we could and used them sparingly. Last spring, we ran out. It was a sad day.

In a burst of creative energy this summer, Hubby Dear decided he would try making them, and figured out a way to do it safely. Our first batch of mini scherenschnitte, in our very own Itty Bitty frames made right here on the farm is  ready to go…


And a close-up, since they’re hard to see…


They’re slightly smaller than 3″ x 3″ and 3″ x 4″, and are $24 and $26, respectively. The frames are Hills & Valleys or Tiger Stripe, in either Cranberry or Umber. Colors vary slightly… sometimes the reds & blues are switched (except on the flag of course, because that would be not right.) and the larger eagles say America! or Liberty! or Freedom! Three of our favorite words. I think they deserve exclamation points. Especially when written very small.

Something else we did today was to list a couple of early limited edition pieces on Ebay… we re-painted the living room a while back, and some of the things that used to hang on the walls never made it back onto the walls. Actually, very little has been re-hung… I’m really liking the white space. Must be middle age? In the midst of the folk art that didn’t get re-hung were two limited edition pieces from a while back…If you click on their titles, you’ll find the link…


Blessed is the Nation



God Grants Liberty

They need a good home!

And before I sign out, you’ve got to go take a peek at some Itty Bitty things that aren’t so Itty Bitty anymore… our sweet little Grand Boys! Jordan just put up the cutest pictures, and Nana’s are allowed to brag a bit, aren’t they? And while you’re there, check out Jo’s new photography site! It’s fabulous!

Cute as a bug in (on?) a rug….

Hello folks! Our daughter Jo just posted a Vimeo of our littlest grandboy Derik… he’s learning to crawl. Forward that is. Look out Jo… soon you’ll have two little men on the move! 

And, check out Jo’s Photography Blog… she’s been creative with her About Me page and in a few other places, using a hand-written note about herself! (Check out her Portfolio Link too! This very biased Mom thinks she’s pretty good!)

Our youngest daughter, Kate, has been busy too. Catching up on some projects that have piled up in the sewing room. I think she’s working her way down to the fabric for our new family room curtains! (Yippee!) 

In other news, I think we’re going to have a very disappointed hen on our hands. Rhodie, a young Rhode Island Red, went broody a month or so ago. She was determined to set, even if there was nothing to set on. After about two weeks of trying to remove her from the empty nesting box, Hubby gathered half a dozen eggs and placed them under her. We really didn’t know if they were fertilized, but figured the odds were high that a least a couple of them were. She’s been setting on them for over three weeks, and no signs of Peeps yet. Poor girl.

I guess that’s about it for interesting tidbits this morning. Except we’re getting ready to head out to watch our extra daughter Sara take a very important walk… to officially graduate high school! Where does the time go? She’s the pretty blonde… and the dynamic duo are on their best behavior in this picture…


This is actually more realistic….


And I only had THREE Gummy Bears!
~ Sara Jane ~ 

Sweet and Sour…

Hello folks! Still plugging away with papercuttings, and my head is full of paper snips! So… I took a break from regular duties the other day and drew a lemon…


Sometimes it’s fun to do something that is not on your “to-do” list. I got inspired by the latest issue of Victoria magazine… there was a great article about Catherine Watter’s Botanical Illustration. If you love pretty things, you will love her artwork! I want to draw like that when I grow up. But for now, I’ll have to be satisfied with a lemon.

Lemons are sour, but if you click here you will see something really sweet! Jackson is 18 months old!

And a new project… In Edward Hicks’ later Peaceable Kingdom paintings, there are these interesting girls sort of in the background. Some are more visible than others, but they usually have a dove and eagle with them, and sometimes there’s a sheep as well. I really like this version, where Hicks explained the symbolism…


She’s going to be a papercutting in the next few days, but she’s also on her way to being a watercolor painting… that is if she turns out! Here’s a start…


A little bit of a re-make. I want her to be pretty, and sometimes Hicks’ faces weren’t that pretty! Couldn’t figure out what she was holding, so she’s getting an olive branch. And a Federal-looking drape just because. Can’t wait to spend a little more time on her!

Today we tackled…

…Kate’s room. It was a bit of a mess due to lots of shows and history events, but we managed to make some sense of things. We swapped two beds for one, and managed to move three beds, three mattresses, and three box-springs up and down three sets of stairs in three different houses. We gals are expert furniture movers. Of course, when beds are involved, we usually wrangle a man, and my poor Dad got wrangled today. (Thanks Dad!) By dinner time, the room was back in order, though some of the extra pieces are scattered throughout the house. (A pile for the dumpster, a pile for the thrift shop, and a pile for the attic!) Hopefully OUR bed will be clear before the night is over.

We also took a pile of Kate’s cooking gear over to Mom & Dad’s old house, and brought a pile of things home that used to be in their attic. (Yes, we shuffled stuff today!) One of the things that came home with us was a Cabbage Patch doll, named Thom Buddy.


We didn’t know his name, because he had never been removed from his 1980-something box. I was happy to see that his name was Buddy on his official birth certificate, because I think he’s going to be a good friend for someone I know…


Don’t you think there’s a slight resemblance? That’s Jack’s “thinking face,” though it was hard to catch with the camera! When wearing that expression, he was usually in motion or busy doing something, and had no time for picture-taking!

Have a great night… I’m off to excavate the bed so we can go to sleep tonight!

P.S. If you click on Jack’s link, you can see him in motion!

Go West, Young Man!

We got back earlier this week from the biggest trip we’ve ever taken as a family… from Delaware to California and back! We got to see our daughter Jordan, her hubby Luke, and our two grandboys, Jackson and Derik! What a great week of hugs and kisses! Here’s a few pictures…

Three generations at the Farmer’s Market…


A very proud Aunt Kate holding her little Bean…


Our Jordan, holding the same little guy…


Kate and Jack…


Jack and me, having an early morning tea party!


Stealing a smooch from Derik!


Pop-Pop holding Derik… he finally got him away from us girls!


A very proud Papa!


Pop-Pop and Jack playing in the dirt!


Jo and her boys!


Three generations again…


Jo, Luke, Kate, and the boys!


We had a grand time… for some REALLY good photos, check out Jo’s website and her Flick’r!  It amazes me how we can shoot the same things, yet how the photo’s turn out looking so different!

Look who visited the art room…

Kate found a new friend in the art room the other day… usually critters in the art room are of the spider sort of species, but this little guy was a little friendlier looking!

A blue-tailed salamander! He was a fast mover, but we caught him under a drinking glass for this photo op. He was very glad to be released, and hasn’t ventured back inside again.

The house is beginning to look like a house again, as the dust settles from the past couple of weeks. We did have a furniture moving episode this week… I think the men are hoping the new baby has finally settled into its proper resting place. I’m still wondering. Think “Flight of the Bumblebee” on a baby G with the lid open only four feet away from where I’m currently sitting. Wow.


And speaking of babies, take a look at our sweetie pie. Have you ever seen a more handsome little guy? Oh wait, his brother was pretty cute too! And their Mom knows just when to snap those pictures! (Keep snapping Jo, they grow up quickly!) Can’t wait to get my hands on them both! (And to see my girl!)

Well, this post is a little on the random side! Have a good night!

The gloom of the world is but a shadow, behind it, yet within our reach, is Joy.

Take Joy!

~Fra Giovanni~


A brand new grandboy!

Today was an exciting day! Jo and Luke gave us a new grandboy… Derek Mark Boesch was born this afternoon, weighing in at 7 lb., 13 oz. and measuring out at 19″! Don’t quote me on the spelling of his first name… in their excitement of that phone call to us, they weren’t sure how his namesake (Luke’s friend) spelled his name! The middle name is after Luke’s Dad!

Can’t wait to see the little guy! Don’t you think Jackson will be surprised when his Mommy & Daddy get home?! We’ll put up pictures as soon as we have one!

Home again, after a very brief respite…

Mom, Kate, and I got a chance to sneak away for a couple of days, and I’ve come home bursting with ideas and inspiration. Now to get it all down on paper…


Here are my most recent treasures from my favorite spot in the world…I splurged on a great folk art resource book, a book by Eric Sloane that for some reason hadn’t made it into our library yet, a nice little pottery cup for “period” painting demonstrations, and two little presents for my newest Valentine…


I don’t think he’s checking the blog yet, but his Mama will know how special these things are! (And Jo & Luke, they had GIANT LIFE SIZE Hotch Potch men… but I couldn’t convince them to sell me one! Aren’t you lucky!) (((But I’m going to keep checking!))) The tiny little cup stays on the East coast since it matches a set of vintage restaurant dishes we have… do you think Jack will prefer coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Well, have a great Thursday everyone!