How Does Your Garden Grow?

Sometimes a bunch of doodles…


…that have been hanging out in your sketchbook…


…will begin to sprout…


… and even blossom!


It’s funny how your creative ideas reflect
what’s been going on in your heart and mind.

“Bloom where you are planted” and “How Does Your Garden Grow?”
are two little ditties that seem to sum up the thoughts I’ve been mulling
over about being content with what we have yet, not growing stagnant….

…about enjoying this season but preparing for the next…

…about tending the garden of “Home,” and waiting
expectantly for that fresh new blossom to pop open…

…about “Thistle Dew-ing.”


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of the Blooming and Growing projects escapades around the Frey house!

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Painting Leaves that Pop!

Thought you might like some more painting tips!

Below is a fun way to paint leaves… Wet on Wet!

First, on a heavy piece of watercolor paper, draw a leaf shape… or trace around one that you find outside. Mix a light grey-brown from orange and blue and paint the middle of the leaf… but not all the way to the edges.

While it is still wet, add other colors…I used orange on one side, and blue on the other. Paint right up to the edges this time. the edges are still dry, which will let the paint look crisp on the edge. But go ahead and let the wet colors mix inside the leaf. And then added wet drops of blue-green and blue-purple.

When it’s almost dry, touch up your edges a bit. I used a little more orange. You want the paint dry enough so the edges look crisp, but still wet enough to blend the new edge paint into the middle paint. You can blend with a damp brush, if the paint is having trouble blending. When the leaf is completely dry, add some veins with very thin lines of paint and a dryer brush. You can also outline the leaf edges with a very thin pen, such as a Pigma Micron pen.

Here’s how the leaves will look in
Pie from Scratch!

And there are a LOT of them, so I’d better get back to painting!


Oh! We’ve had some great entries for the
Pumpkin Drawing Contest!

Gavin’s Pumpkin!

Great job, Gavin! What detail!
I Love the stem and the spots on the side!

Maddie’s Pumpkin!

Beautiful Pumpkin, Maddie!
It stands very tall and strong!

Owen’s Pumpkin!

Super pumpkin, Owen!
You did a great job with those curly vines!

Here’s a link to the
Pumpkin Drawing Contest
in case anyone else want to participate!

Thanks Gavin, Maddie, and Owen for sending in your drawings!!!

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Pie from Scratch!
by clicking below!

Sweet and Sour…

Hello folks! Still plugging away with papercuttings, and my head is full of paper snips! So… I took a break from regular duties the other day and drew a lemon…


Sometimes it’s fun to do something that is not on your “to-do” list. I got inspired by the latest issue of Victoria magazine… there was a great article about Catherine Watter’s Botanical Illustration. If you love pretty things, you will love her artwork! I want to draw like that when I grow up. But for now, I’ll have to be satisfied with a lemon.

Lemons are sour, but if you click here you will see something really sweet! Jackson is 18 months old!

And a new project… In Edward Hicks’ later Peaceable Kingdom paintings, there are these interesting girls sort of in the background. Some are more visible than others, but they usually have a dove and eagle with them, and sometimes there’s a sheep as well. I really like this version, where Hicks explained the symbolism…


She’s going to be a papercutting in the next few days, but she’s also on her way to being a watercolor painting… that is if she turns out! Here’s a start…


A little bit of a re-make. I want her to be pretty, and sometimes Hicks’ faces weren’t that pretty! Couldn’t figure out what she was holding, so she’s getting an olive branch. And a Federal-looking drape just because. Can’t wait to spend a little more time on her!